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A liberated openly homosexual male (singular). Or a deeply homosexual pervert or group of perverts.
That maxe is so proud. Don't let the maxe's come near you.
by Donald Fagen November 21, 2003
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Maxe is a hilarious and outgoing girl. She is loyal to her friends and makes them feel better with her (not so funny) puns. She can be weird and crazy sometimes, but that's what makes her fantastic and unique! She is a glass half-full girl with an amazing personality that will brighten your day!
Ex.1: I'm feeling pretty Maxe today!
Ex.2: That girl is talented.... she reminds me so much of Maxe!
by Llamasprinkles January 16, 2018
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The sexiest person on the planet. The Greek equivalent of Don Juan.
A real-life sex-machine and an endless source of pleasure for women worldwide.
Also known as the dream lover!.
My god! MXE is more handsome than Brad Pitt!
by Anon April 22, 2005
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One who is a fucking Homo. Of or belonging to the Homosexual genus. Career: Lifelong fudgepacker.
by Maggot666 November 01, 2003
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The boy I met when I was 12, who I fell in love with. His laughs light up the night sky and the stars seem so much brighter, and all you want is to stay there with him. He falls in love with you too, but then you screw up and reject him. Years later he falls in love with your best friend, and you fall in love with him again. You know all of his flaws, vices, and secrets but you love him anyway. His eyes sparkle when he laughs and you feel like the most important person in the world and all you want to do is lean in and kiss him but you know you can't, you screwed up. He's your biggest regret, the one you should've been with. The time you spend together is your favorite time in the world, until his girlfriend shows up.
"I'm in love with Max E, but he can never know"
"He is my best friend's boyfriend I can't be a jerk and fall in love with her boyfriend"
by Lynnich February 08, 2019
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