IS extremely gay and the definition of autism;
by kmpk August 17, 2018
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lifelong plays on a mac got masters with 2,500 rating. Super ez and not good at minecraft he loves raping black kids especially ones under 10 years of age its ok though because lifelong is only 15 years old! and he loves his cheeseburgers!! and he loves flushing brown people down the toilet people may call that his hobby!
MrCreepyPlayz: Why u so mean to me :(
by EZKIDLOL December 31, 2019
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Toxic kid and he’s EZ. He got 346-0 by Farid The legend.

But he’s a great person. Most of all you can beat him with a wooden hoe with 3 cps.
Farid: Hey you suck Lifelong.
Lifelong: STFU you’re literally trash at the GAME. I WAS LAGGING. *tries to find an excuse*
Farid: Jajajaja you have 40 ms ”Im lagging”.
by Jajajajjajajajaja March 16, 2018
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the definition of lifelong is a nigger that spends they’re whole life on a video game called minecraft. he is a bitch ass loser who spend his whole life playing hypixle skywar. he’s a massive loser and is a toxic piece of shit. he has autism and he has down syndrome. i think he also has Tourette’s syndrome where he says retarded things sometimes. he has been banned like 4 times for cheating and he’s a retarded jew. he cheats in his masters game and he looks like a dumbass. lifelong deserves to die. he also is a leader of a dumb guild called “NO ONE ASK”. he’s retarded. he has a toxic group and he is the most hated in the community.
don’t be a lifelong
by Lifelong November 6, 2019
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A forever friend. A friend who has grown up with you and is still your friend even in the adult years. Your best friend.
My best friend that I grew up with and I are still best friends and we are grown. We are lifelong friends because we have known each other and been friends our entire lives.
by MommaPcb November 19, 2013
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A flowery term for “learning until you die,” when the government would rather spend tax payers’ money upgrading its citizens’ intellectual health than paying for their poor mental or physical health.
Lifelong learning is the buzzword these days, because training institutes and universities, which are all hungry to get a decent share in the continuing education market, can reap an obscene amount of money with their sexy marketing.
by MathPlus December 16, 2017
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Lifelong is the type of person that edates people called nightstare. They also relentlessly haras people for bill cosbying them. He, on the other hand, Has no life and spends his days in his "mancave" playing minecraft skywars until his egirls love him back
"He hasn't been outside for 10 days, What a lifelong!"
"Bro he is edating this egirl, what a lifelong."
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