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you have to be careful with maurins they are sensitive but don't let very many people see that. They may seem closed off and some what rude but they are are the sweetest person you will ever know. They are loving and super fun to talk to and may have some walls but once you break those down she is a friend for ever. In love they like to move slow you must earn their trust and they may seem cold but they are just finding out how they feel so be patient with them they will come around. But if they aren't interested they will let you know that. They will act cold and be short with you. And also know they like to experience things more than see them they are adventurous and down for anything. And they are thick they have a big ass and big boobs they act innocent for everyone but you and love to give you pleasure. They will only be bad for you. And btw they have RBF
She seems like a Maurin.
by 85498 March 14, 2017
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