A matty is someone who is a PEDO PEDO
also none as a nonce
Ohhh she’s 17 he’s pulled a matty
by @Banterinnit June 05, 2020
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A guy who likes to laugh, joke and genuinly have fun. They usually have another, more serious side whether that being in the form of a personality trait or a sibling, either way it is rare to find one unlike this.
That Matty is so two sided.
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by Yeetus Mc. Feetus the third October 19, 2020
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A boy from Philly who likes to take it in the ass! Matty is never satisfied and always attempts to achieve perfection. He also is a student of the greatest guy ever for piano! He likes to poop a lot but doesn't mind a good pee every while. A Matty is made for a girl named Christina.
Damn man you're such a Matty
by RocketsRule777 October 05, 2020
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