Sunday league football term - To attempt and fail to kick a football after shouting for the pass.
"He's only gone and done a Matty"
by Gem_H April 20, 2008
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A strange weird girl who is in love with a sean. She wears chinchilla shoes and secretely lives her life as a lesbian.
O and she laughs like a witch.
"That girl could not stop texting that boy. She was pulling a matty."
by Katie Stots May 29, 2008
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The big idiot in the back that falls down starirs and hit that butterscotch babe
Matty get yo ass down here
by BIGBOIBOCE April 29, 2019
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an asshole. someone who will just forget about you no matter how many times he may have messed up. you make one mistake and he blames you for everything. someone who doesn't deserve your time and effort. do not trust a matty because they will fuck you over so fucking much. no matter what you have ever done for them. a matty doesn't care.
"got backstabbed by a friend"
"what a fucking matty"
by impettyasheck September 22, 2017
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Absolutely an attention whore. She only wants to ruin someone's day. A total Bitch. And she only wants to eat a girl out. Lesbian hoe
That girl is a total attention whore,she must be a Matty!
by MattyHater September 30, 2017
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Matty is a horrible person he is usually the ceo of a big establishment and he is very mean and bossy he is smelly and he likes abusing/harassing women

by juli rose December 13, 2018
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This guy is an absolute cunt. people called Matty are normally into music or art and think they are the bee's knees but are actually just depending on an ok voice or hand (in the case of art) to be helped massively by the editor or teacher and then think that they did it all.

this person also likes to boss people around and expect to be listened to even though they show literally no respect to anyone at all. he is also a hypercritical fagot who is fucking obese and smokes like a fucking bus and destroys families that he is in.
Person 1: Awwww I love the Edwards they are the ideal family

Person 2: yeah I tots agree shames about the fucking matty they have right.

Person 1: yeah he is a CUNT.
by Ivorross128 April 17, 2020
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