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a really retarded way of saying ok, because children think its cute. Whoever says "oki" is a certified 8 year old. It's plain annoying to many people.
Me: yo Ian watch out for that poo over there.
Ian: OKI
my head: tf he just say?
by Purewaterdrinking September 7, 2018
The guy that created the backseat boys. He is the leader and prefers to be called goose. He is also the founder of the Goose Police Department (GPD).
Angus, we are out of ammo! The enemy is closing in what should we do?
by Purewaterdrinking July 26, 2018
When someone does not get a text back, most commonly from a girl or boy the person likes.
Boy* hey can we meetup sometime?
Girl he likes* "read 2:30pm"
by Purewaterdrinking January 7, 2019
A person that butters the bread all day and is not good at drinking kale salad.
Oh my god, look at that butter that Captain Chicken just made!
by Purewaterdrinking June 4, 2018
Moth are attracted to lamp, even though it can kill them
Moth: I want some L A M P
Moth 2: Me too.. L A M P
Moth herd: L A M P
by Purewaterdrinking October 2, 2018
He is the jesus of the meme world. He has the power to end a meme or create a new viral one.
by Purewaterdrinking August 1, 2018