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A hindi slang term used to describe someone as being somewhat stupid in any situation. Used causally, or threateningly.

Pronounced: mah-tee-aa

Picked up from the Bollywood movie 'Hera Pheri'.
You guys hear about that matia who fell of his bike?

Eh matia, why are you doing that?

Yo matia, let's grab dinner.
by Patorre, Sabooty, and Sharmy November 19, 2012
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The term Matia refers to a massive pimp, that smokes lots of weed
Broooo! That Matia was high af
by MidhiBeni March 19, 2019
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a matia is someone who is generally a wasteyute who has lots of hair. a matia is someone who doesnt care about others but cares for only his inner cirlce friends
Yo that guy is a dumbass. He is probably named matia tbh smh
I need a new friend. Just not a matia
by epicgamerboy December 13, 2018
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