The act of preforming mathematics (shortened word: math)
Person #1: "Shhh! Hold on, I'm mathing!!"
Person #2: *confused*

Person #2: "Don't you mean you're doing math!?"
Person #1: "NO!! I'm mathing, so shut up so I can figure this out!!"
Person #2: "Wow, okay then..."
Person #1: "Thanks, now I need to math all over again because you interrupted me! Ugh!!"
Person #2: "But it's simple math, you'll live!"
Person #1: "But mathing is hard!!"

Basically it's used when the person preforming the act of mathematics has an already difficult time doing simple math, making them frustrated and forcing them to explain why "mathing is hard, yo!"
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by chelsbuggg August 03, 2016
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The act of using math in real life.
Person 1: What are you doing to that cake

Person 2: Im mathing it.

Person 1: Oh Cool. Can i have a slice?
by Ana Ross March 17, 2014
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