When one masturbates for the first time and doesn't know how to do it right. This normally results in humping of hand, bed, or any other object. It may also be a problem of getting ones self horny.
"dude i tried masturbating to day but i couldn't really please myself"

"You need to learn the masturbasics"
by homie628 December 5, 2011
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secluded, underground space in your home where you can finally jerk off in peace
"After my wife goes to sleep and I kick all of my guy friends out of my downstairs mancave, I get out my pornos and turn it into my very own private masturbasement."
by Eric Rohmer October 10, 2014
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Clothing you can masturbate through without removing them.
Joey wanted to masturbate but wanted to without taking off his clothes, so he went commando in his basketball shorts and masrurbated. I guess what he used was highly masturbasible.
by DyingDeath December 30, 2010
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