One of SlenderMan's proxies; originated in marblehornets as the masked man, aka Timothy Sutton
Toby: Hey Masky Hey Masky Hey Masky
Masky: WHAT.
by tothearkHornets July 6, 2014
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A maskie is someone who is strongly in favour of masks and face coverings. The term emerged during the coronavirus crisis of 2020. While well intentioned, maskies fail to consider the dispiriting effects of compulsory masks, the disproportionate impact on the disabled, and the relatively small effect of masks compared to measures like physical distancing. Their natural enemy is the anti-vaxxer.
That maskie just said we should wear masks 24/7, even during sex! What a loon!
by SwiiindonLadd August 1, 2020
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A really gay little mask that many are forced to wear because of COVID-19.
If I do not wear my maskie then I will be fined $250 because of politician money grabs.
by hd1 July 4, 2020
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a strongth female pokemon VGC player
Person 1: hey dude i hung out with maski at nationals
Person 2: cool
by team senioras July 14, 2011
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A selfie while wearing your mask.
“OMG Stephanie, your mask is soooooo cute. Let’s take a MASKI!” - Becky
by Ugafan9699 August 23, 2020
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Like a selfie, but with a mask.
Watch out for COVID, blast your social media with maskies!
by The Troll April 12, 2020
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a photograph that one has taken of oneself in a medical mask or facial covering, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.
Today I took a maskie to post on the COVID Maskuerade Facebook Group page.
by Atomic Duane July 11, 2020
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