The unstopable urge to confuse people on purpose.
Example 1:

2 kids working on a science project:-

Dawn:So how do we find the molecular structure of the atom?

Jerry: by flipping to page 86 and completing the lesson about molecular shapes and how it contributes to air pollution.

Dawn: WHAA..??!

Jerry: nothing, I like tuna.

Dawn: Quit pulling a mashie and concentrate with me!!

Example 2:

Stop mashying around your confusing the shit outta me!

Example 3:

I'd love to mashie him right now, look now guillable he looks!
by Sheeblez October 29, 2007
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An overly aggressive panhandlin bum.
From the phrase "let me ask you a question," but when asked by a southern derelict or bum who is severely intoxicated sounds like "Mashyaquestion."
Like, nine Mashys asked me for dough on my way to the club.
by Kerry W. March 28, 2005
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A man or woman dedicated to the pursuit of playful mischief. It is most often used by best friends as a nickname or term of endearment for each other, usually before a major prank or rib.
"Mashy!" Joel called out.

"Yes, Mashy?" Chris replied.

"Mashy, I just thought of an awesome rib for us to pull on Pyle."
by Professor Dare July 27, 2009
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Helen: Stop being a mashi
Daniel: What? Are you saying im a cheebye?
Helen:: Oh shit i was high
by whiteCocainicskull December 22, 2018
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A person who incessantly washes his professor's ass. A total cleanliness freak who sometimes washes his own bums too
Ae Mashy apne professor ki gand dho
by makpompompom December 16, 2014
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An original character created by a 14-year-old girl, who is a cat furre. She fur...and, pink markings, and wears alot of pink. She's usually found on the computer, smashing said computer with nunchucks, and (rarely) randomly kissing this guy.
Or...she's me. xD
Mashi is j00r goddess! Worship, now. D:
by Mashi September 07, 2004
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