Any illegal or quasi-legal activity undertaken on behalf of a corporate, military, or governmental organization that favors anonimity.
by Blackjack April 24, 2003
A Roleplaying game created in 1988 and set in the 2040's to 2060's the game is classic cyberpunk style with the addition of magic, it is characterized by its brilliant concept, bad 80's movie feel, and impossibly slow to use game mechanic.
Note: Shadowrun invented the concept of zombies being caused by a disease and not the supernatural.
Shadowrun also invented (in 1988 when the game was first created)the concept of taking a device which looked a lot like a headphone jack and "jacking in" to an crainially interfaced computer world with very lifelike avatars and sensations, navigation through a 3D world with visual metaphors for files and programs, fighting "Agents", and hey, does this sound at all like any movies anyone has watched recently?
I want to get a Shadowrun Campaign started but i don't understand all those matrix rules.
by Harezumi-Chan October 7, 2005