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Adjective- Characterized by or denoting attitudes or values held to be typical of men
Noun- An advocate of the rights or needs of men
addendum: Often used as a tern concerning male supremacist by people considering Merriam-Webster`s a reliable source.
"Rather, a masculinist workplace culture that rewards long hours and values competitiveness, individualism and instrumentality excludes those people that want a life outside work, whatever their gender."
"Many masculinists feel that feminist ideology hurts not just men, but also women and children-that, for example, feminist efforts to keep fathers from children hurt children, women and men."
by tsvoboda March 28, 2015
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When men get abused and women laugh and deny it and try to hide the fact that men are potentially getting bullied.
A man who enforces rights of men
So then masculinists come in and try to help out
ISIS a terrorist group executed 2 men because they were gay.
This is not fair because they're being targeted for their preferred gender.
So masculinists are trying to help other men reach equal equality and you could call them liberators of men.
by Magicricey April 26, 2015
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The real word for the male counterpart of "feminist."
Most people say "meninist" but that isn't a real word
"He's such a meninist"
"No you idiot. That isn't even a real word. Hes a masculinist"
by whatrealwordsare June 06, 2015
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I studied at University in the UK some 20 years ago and first used the word masculinist. Nobody had heard of the word and I had created it from listening and reading a lot of material about feminism and thought there must a male equivalent. I was called in the then head of the university and asked to explain the meaning of the word I was using in classes. The outcome was that they admitted they had gone too far to appease the feminist point of view and had to review their courses material to ensure they were more balanced.
I am not saying I invented they word but I was probably one of many men who were of the same opinion at the time. Once I had made the connotations of the word clear to my fellow students they as a body agreed there had been too much emphasis on feminism. So what is the definition of masculinist; a man who believes it is a right that a man can have equality with women and are allowed to have an opinion even when other people do not necessarily agree. There must be the freedom for men to think in the same way women are encouraged to think.

Equality is equality and should be for all !!!
In no way by being a masculinist is there an advocacy of male superiority or dominance, agenda to send women into slavery, are man who can't get a girlfriend and thus becomes semi-gay, or puts issues affecting men (such as child custody) ahead of those issues affecting women as some of the commentators have in their ignorance left as definitions.
Feminist have displayed their usual candour when leaving comments a good example of being narrow-minded and not being equal with fellow beings.
by A proper person June 22, 2012
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A maculinist, like a feminist, believes in and strives for gender equality. Few people would say men are concidered inferior to women in today's society, however, a masculinist disagrees. A masculinist has probably tried to dance on a pole at a club, wear a speedo in public, or get a job that would be generally considered a position for a beautiful woman. ie. A server at a bar/restaurant, a bartender at a club, a receptionist at a law firm, or even a secretary. Feminists should be up in arms at this considering the only reason these positions are almost exclusively available to attractive women, is because of the misogynistic men who are their bosses and clients. A masculinist is appalled by this because not only do these situations objectify women but they devalue the sexuality and the charisma of men, therefore belittling both sexes (a woman's value is her sexual magnetism, and men have none). The idolization and objectification of the female body devalues not only women but also men.
I'm a damn sexy masculinist. sexism masculinity feminism discrimination judgement sexuality equality booty
by A sexy man. February 04, 2015
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A word Men's Rights Activists call themselves because they feel that Feminists do not value issues of sexism which don't directly benefit men, like child custody issues, prison sentencing, etc.. This is such a ridiculous term because it's used with the heavy assumption that leveraging equality for women does nothing for men. Feminists want equal treatment and that means equal expectations in all affairs. Masculinist is simply a redundant term that neglects the idea that Feminism works for both genders.
I'm a Masculinist because men aren't well represented in Feminist Issues.
I didn't want to seem homo by calling myself a Feminist so I call myself a Masculinist.
by KukuObi January 21, 2015
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A Masculinist may be any person of any age, sex, gender, social class, culture, religion, ideology, political creed, race, sexual preference, experience or personal truth. A Masculinist may express their Masculinism within every philosophy, religion, political creed, ideology or any system of thought, feeling, word or deed. Masculinism is truly universal.

The Universality of Masculinism is accomplished through the celebration, respect and deliberate seeking of differences rather than the enforcement imaginary sameness or mere tolerance. Masculinists therefore seek not equality, for we are all different and equal outcome is neither desired nor attainable. Rather we seek Mutual Rights and Mutual Responsibilities for all. We seek simply the attainment of The Four Truths and the expression of The Twelve Principles of The Four Truths.
A Masculinist believes in the four truths, and twelve principals.

All Men are Men.

All Men have inside themselves truth, goodness, nobility, and love

All Men are worthy of freedom, respect, dignity and love.

Give Men the opportunity to believe and live these truths and they shall.

A Masculinist lets others live these truths as their path leads them, not as his path leads him.
by Drew Baas January 11, 2012
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