An improvized fragmentation device using nails, or similar readilly available metal objects as schrapnel.

Typically used by terrorists,and revolutionaries with out a governmental military budget. See also: Pipebomb, Molotov Coctail
Mind the nailbomb.
by Psiberzerker April 11, 2004
A bomb used by extremist groups (of all ideologies) that causes horrific damage due to the shrapnel that is projected outwards on detonation of the device. Somtimes in place of nails will be nuts/bolts and other small pieces of metal.
by Austin November 9, 2003
A metal band that is most well known for their album point blank’s artwork, depicting what is assumed to be a female Vietcong soldier with an assault rifle pointed at her head.
“Hey have you ever heard of the band Nailbomb?”
by Pyramid head whore January 5, 2022