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Adj. When an individual makes themselves an easy target or joke by expressing an inflated sense of worth or abilities, to such an extreme that one believes he or she is an indispensable asset to a group or team, despite, and immediately following, a performance that cannot be described in words, usually because it is so bad that witnesses are left in a state of disturbed paralysis, likely due to the stupefyingly unsubstantiated nature of the individual's fabricated adaptation of the series of events, and his supposititious achievements during this time, that are typically catalogued and witnessed by hundreds or thousands of people, providing irrefutable evidence that the opposite is true and the bemused individual has created a fantasy through the application of willful blindness in order to maintain the high supplied by an inflated ego and false memories and ultimately continue on a likely doomed trajectory, incognizant of the ubiquitous and overwhelming public opinion, and sometimes scientific fact, that one is a lemon-bomb miscarriage of the profession in which he partakes, within the group or team in which he participates, and clog in the stream of societal thought and the advancement of humanity. The only way to deal with such a pigeon boobed chump is to (1) ceremoniously and enduringly label the individual a MARK, best described by this definition but also as a "sucker" and (2) remind the pedestrian clown-duck of this fact interminably, incessantly, and at his expense.
In the preseason game against the Jets, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Matt Barkley had a notably MARKLY performance, highlighted by 1 interception and only 1 completion for 12 yards, and an equally MARKLY post-game reaction, during which he uncomfortably responded to the unanimous opinion that fellow quarterback Tim Tebow, with 45, 28, 24, 23 and 18 yards and a 17-yard run, had outperformed him and likely earned a spot on the Eagle's roster, by denying what was caught on film and witnessed by many by MARKLY stating, "I don't know if tonight was the deciding factor", and "over the course of this camp I've shown that I can play quarterback for this team". When others tried to point to the undeniable facts and evidence suggesting the opposite is true, Mr. Barkley shielded his ego and fantasy to the horrors of what had just happened by claiming "it's really a small sampling", and, in total MARK-fashion, MARKLY suggested the rotation of multiple quarterbacks is to blame. MARKLY, as he is now being called by people all over the world, spread by #MARKLY, did indeed have a less than favorable performance and an even worse cognitive performance following the game marked by a lack of memory or MARKLY denial thereof.
by Markly Mark #MattMarkly October 21, 2015
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