Nctzens often called grass,frog and other green things by the members are Nct's fans / supporters who often clown them in memes but love them unconditionally and will support them for as long as they can.
Girl:Hey do you listen to Nct ? You should, they have bops
Girl2:Of course I've been an Nctzen for a year now and indeed they do :)
by Angel♡ November 9, 2019
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Used to describe people who have no money and collect thin cardboard papers of men. They’re also idiots.
Markus: How do you even own that many photo cards when you’re so broke?

Andy: That’s ‘cuz I’m an Nctzen.
by yangarrhea 🐑 December 15, 2021
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dedicated fans of the kpop group NCT
"After watching the Cherry Bomb music video, I became a NCTzen"
by ultdsc August 18, 2017
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A fanbase to a Kpop group named NCT(aka Neo Culture Technology). Though if you dislike the name (like some other people do), you can always call yourself a rice opener ;)
*le passes by cherry bomb MV
Where can I sign up to be a NCTzen?
*le starts walking like you just got circumsized
by popmycherrywithyourBomb;) June 18, 2017
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NCTzens: beautiful crackheads that will support and love the 21 (angels) members of NCT til the end. They love memes, appreciate vocals, visuals, dancers and rappers, and have the highest taste in music 😎. They're incredibly funny but can scare non kpop-fans.... and even kpop fans xd
And they obviously love all the members uwu
situation with a normal person:
person 1: What are you listening to?
person 2: Simon says that I can't tell you
person 1: wtf? you're kinda weird...

situation with an NCTzen:
person 1: what are you listening to?
person 2: Simon says that I can't tell you
person 1: you'll change your mind if I give to you a chewing gum
person 2: Only if it has cherry bomb taste
person 1: I think we can be best friends
person 2: cuz we hot, we young...
person 2: ...and we're NCTzens ;)
by donkey:v April 7, 2020
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I am talking in name of all NCTzen,we are fan of Kpop band NCT(aka Neo Culture Tecnology).We love them.Who says:"NCTzen don't love their idol."is stupid.They are the world for us.Thank you NCT.
NCTzen love NCT.
by eveprk13 July 18, 2019
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NCTzens are crackheads who stan a crackhead group called NCT. Don't mess with NCT or you'll get KICK(ed) it or PUNCH(ed) by these crackheads.
Jungwoo: Hi, Jennifer! Are you an NCTzen?
Jennifer: No, shut up! Stop calling me!
by my czennie November 30, 2020
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