Han Jisung a 20 year old and a member of south korean boy group Stray Kids. He has one of the best flows you'll ever heard in a kpop rapper, he sings beautifully and can hit high notes effortlessly, and he’s very captivating to watch dance. He also writes songs and produces them for his group and himself. He’s been doing this since he was 16 predebut writing songs for 3racha, and 17 when he debuted with stray kids.
"kpop ace? You mean Han Jisung?"
by levanterbestsong November 28, 2020
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Stray Kid's Han Jisung, Han, or J.One. He is a talented producer part of Stray Kids' 3RACHA, powerhouse vocalist, and rapper with a unique flow. His visuals are also out of this world! He's kpop's ace, kpop's 4th gen it boy, and an all-rounder. He makes everyone laugh with his jokes, and always has the most positive energy. His smile is heart shaped and so is his adam's apple; he's just so full of love !! <33
"kpop's ace !!"

"stray kids' han jisung right? he's so talented!"
by stray kids world domination !! November 29, 2020
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