it looks like a net but sterdy and has many uses

it can kill flies by hitting them

it can get stuff under the refrigerator

and it can also be used to spank someone

it can scoop a fish out of the water too
"he didnt have a paddle in the bedroom so she spanked lizzie with a fly swatter."
by kool-aidisabeast October 11, 2009
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The act of splooging in your own hand, then slapping the girl across the face that refused to finish the job herself, ideally reserved for women of a more grotesque nature.
I wouldn't stick my dick in that fat, ugly chick....but I'd fly swatter the shit outta her.
by Don Lagunita February 5, 2010
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In snowboarding: A fall caused by catching an edge and falling forward, slapping the ground very quickly and forcefully
Yo, like I was shralping down the hill dude, hit a wack tranny, sketched across some warped boilerplate and boosted a Gigandoidtron. Rolled down the windows, did a fly-swatter and had a yard sale.
by The Sticks Doctor March 5, 2006
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When a man squeezes his scrotem so his testicles bulge (also known as a brain) and another person ( male or female ) pulls a suprise attack an flicks it.
My balls were numb after hogarth gave me an Alabama fly swatter.
by jaybell1945 November 16, 2010
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The spash screen placed in the bottom of a urinal to stop spattering pissors from getting ocean spray on their trousers. The Polish fly swatter often is embedded with a urinal cake or scented sustance to enable you to spend many hours of enchanting sniffing in such a delightful environment.
Damn, what the hell? Some sick bastard stuck a Polish fly swatter in my gym bag last night!
by Frank Klaune February 21, 2005
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After a night out you return home with your significant other. Upon arrival you begin making sexual advances towards your partner. All said advances are denied until your partner says they are calling it a night and goes to bed. To perform this move you must patiently wait for your unsuspecting partner to fall asleep. Once they are asleep simply grab a feather and start quietly beating off. When you reach your climax release your load into the unsuspecting sleeping victims hand then take the feather and tickle their nose. When the victim goes to scratch their nose they will receive a single serving of Bavarian cream to the face.
Chris and his woman are not getting along today. When they get home the only thing he is going to give her is a Bavarian fly swatter.
by JoeWilly 1972 June 25, 2015
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This is the domestic spin on Football's Touchdown Dance. A dance that occurs whilst holding a fly swatter, once a highly elusive fly has finally met it's fatal smash-down.
Scenario to prompt a dance: I chased that annoying fly all over the house! It was a close call after losing valuable fly-swatting opportunities when it landed on the family dog, I finally got the sucker!

Fly Swatter Touchdown Dance Description:
While holding the fly swatter valiantly into the air like a sword, commence ridiculous hip swings, two steps, holding up the number one, or for the extra flourish Moon Walk!
by Daskys October 5, 2012
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