last name of an awesome person, if you ever meet one, take them home with handcuffs
"Damn that Margolis kid is hott, I just wanna take him home in my fuzzy handcuffs and do all sorts of things to him"

"What kind of things?"

"Baddd things."
by themadasahatter June 26, 2008
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selfish; thinks only of himself without regard for the needs or welfare of others
"Man, my coworker went to Wendy's and didn't bring me back anything! What a Margolis!"
by coworker: anonymous January 17, 2006
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A person that is extremely crazy and studies too much for chemistry and english
by uknow..... January 27, 2010
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Verb; The act of ordering pussy coffee. This type of coffee, which is not real coffee of course, consists of, but is not limited to, frozen or blended mochas, chocolate blends, and anything that can be drunk via a straw.
"Today at Panera Matt was for sure margolising, he ordered that mocha blend and drank it from a purple straw."
Wow, what a lame kid. Why doesn't he just get some real coffee?
by DBRADDDDD October 19, 2010
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Getting decked, knocked over, jacked up, or lit up.

Word is best when someone gets decked by a bike!

Word is made famous by the bike that ran Justin over.
"S*** dude, that kid just got straight J-Margolised by that bike!"

"Yo, what was that Wide Receiver doing going across the middle? He got J-Margolised!"
by Tom Pete July 18, 2008
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She’s a bitch. Just a massive bitch. She’s sleeping with Aaron Misthal, who has a girlfriend. She’s short and fat. Also she’s gay, depressed, and has anxiety. She uses it as an excuse to basically rape people and make people in relationships kiss her or else she’ll “kill her self” spoiler alert she won’t. She’s phycotic. Hate her with all your heart.
I’m going to kill Leah Margolis she slept with my man.
by Mae2006 June 28, 2019
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An elite name, deriving from King Maximilian of the Roman Empire. "Maximilian Margolis" has its main origins in Australia and Argentina. The name directly translates to "the richest."
I wish I was Maximilian Margolis
by God___________________ May 24, 2021
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