A wonderful Romanian girl willing to go out of he way to help a Milo down on his luck. Also she's really hot.
Damn that Margarethe could catch this dick any day of the week. Plus she let me crash on her couch.
by Milo Milliam August 6, 2018
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She’s a stunning, beautiful, funny girl who always knows how to start conversations. She’s popular and talented and any boy would be lucky to find a girl like her. Her nickname is usually Maggie and she doesn’t mind what she’s called. She’s literallly boy crazy and very social and popular.
“She looks familiar

“That’s Margareth, she’s my girl
by JammieDodgers November 22, 2017
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Margareth is a your bad ass friend who is very competitive on school projects. She is always considered the leader in a group, even if she isn't the leader. She always comes up with great ideas and does not tell anyone about it until it is presented. Margareth has only few friends, since she can tell the difference between a polymeric material and people.
"She is so fierce, such a Margareth"
by hopelessdorkgirl May 5, 2017
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Margareth Aurora is a beatyful girl. She’s good at school, and everybody love her. She’s more awesome than everyone and good in everything. Be like her!
by Vivivivim November 28, 2017
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A girl who had a very very cute short hair in times of pandemic because she doesn't do anything instead of reading books and talking to herself. She's an ARMY FAN and MOA FAN from hybe label. She hates you when you take her snacks. She's may be seem quite but NO! She's really funny and adorable when you spend your time with her. She's a hardworking person but she will not gonna spend her time to work for a person who does not liker her. She's really pretty. BEAUTIFUL. You'll like her very soon.
taehyun: yoongi-hyung you are really lucky that you had Margarethe
yoongi: *grins*

beomgyu: yeahh.. I wish i could find a girl like her, she's really a calm girl
soobin: you can't find a girl like Margarethe, beomgyu, because Margarethe is unique and you can't have a girlfriend already because you had taehyun already... ohmygosh

beomgyu:*chuckle* i love you taehyun
taehyung: go find a girl then!!!!!!
by margarethe June 9, 2021
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