n. short-hand term for "hybrid". Also see mutt or halfie. A hybe is a person of mixed racial blood. This can be either 2 races or more. Someone whose racial blood is from the same country but different parts of said country does not count. Also, if the subject is from different countries but same region where the mix is not as physically apparent, then it also does not count. If the subject is one-quarter French and three-quarters Chinese they are still considered as hybe (but no-longer a halfie).
Dani is one-quarter French and three-quarters Chinese. She wants to be called mutt but I call her hybe anyway because she doesn't like it.
by eccentric.joker August 1, 2006
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It's HYBE labels but the real way you spell it is HYPE.
by Sue done him October 17, 2022
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