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Margareth is a your bad ass friend who is very competitive on school projects. She is always considered the leader in a group, even if she isn't the leader. She always comes up with great ideas and does not tell anyone about it until it is presented. Margareth has only few friends, since she can tell the difference between a polymeric material and people.
"She is so fierce, such a Margareth"
by hopelessdorkgirl May 04, 2017
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She’s a stunning, beautiful, funny girl who always knows how to start conversations. She’s popular and talented and any boy would be lucky to find a girl like her. Her nickname is usually Maggie and she doesn’t mind what she’s called. She’s literallly boy crazy and very social and popular.
“She looks familiar

“That’s Margareth, she’s my girl
by JammieDodgers November 22, 2017
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