the day the loveliest people are born!! they are just so lovely!! i want to hug them all!!
person: awh they’re so nice!
person 2: well yea they’re a march 21st bby
by grechylovesdmitri October 17, 2019
hey whats the day today?....oh well today’s march 21st so it’s the purge stay safe!
by January 25, 2021
March 21st is BIG DICK NIGGA DAY, and only negros with huge shlongs are born that day.
"You're born on March 21st? OMG can I suck your HUGE DARK ELEPHANT SHLONG"
by Abdi 424 October 27, 2019
March 21st is slap your bestest friend day!
Y/n: hey bro! Its March 21st!
Bff: and that means..?
Y/n: I get to slap you *slaps*
Bff: oh hell nah!
by L0SERVIBES March 17, 2021
The day you get your heart absolutely shattered by the boy you’ve been in love with for 7 months simply for the fact that you have guy friends even tho you blocked them all for a boy that doesn’t even care about how you feel.
Person 1 - “what’s wrong with her why is she so upset?”

Person 2 - “Oh it’s just March 21st 2022.”
by jkkrds2012 March 22, 2022
It's a special day some says something divine and very godly happened on this day
Some says 21st March is a birthday of a legend
by Divine reasearcher February 19, 2022