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A virtual pet website, similar to Neopets, where you can have 12 pets, and the pets can /actually/ die. It's fun, and a lot less crowded, so there more more "in touch" staff members who WILL listen. They are sort of like Neopets when it first began, where the staff cared about the users. Since there is only about a max of 500 people online, Staff can help you if you are frozen, or banned, or scammed. Other users often help others, with quests and whatnot, and everyone is pretty nice ^-^. Since there are separate chats for off topic, and general chat, the help chat, and all other chats aren't overrun by stupid people asking others to "RATE MY PICSHUREE". The staff are real users, who worked their way up to staff by helping other people out. I really admire their effort to be as nice and helpful to the users, and they do a good job, despite the occasional error... and down for maintenence pages. They aren't exactly rich, and it is run by a 17 year old after all =P. Don't get me wrong, I love neopets, and I used to be an avid player. But they froze my whole family's accounts because of a false reasona nd now it doesn't seem as appealing because TNT is just a team of people who care just about how much money they can get from sponsor games and ads.

All in all, Marapets is funner, more laid back, not as strict and uptight as Neopets :. If you have time to kill, join mara ^^

* There's also an operation portal there, which is like the lab ray which you can use once a day for free :o
** 12 pets =D
*** SO much easier to RS XD (restocks every 10 minutes exactly)

Yeah, when I'm there I feel so much more successful.
It might look like a copy of Neopets but there's a lot of things on Marapets that Neopets doesn't have

Such as a team that cares for the users! :D
by Potatoe Queen March 13, 2006
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Marapets is a virtual pet site created to home those who were sick of Neopets (In my opinion). Marapets has improved a lot over 3 years and were accused highly by those who would say that the site was a "copy" of Neopets. While the creators of Neopets had a great idea in developing their virtual pet environment in 1999, and had many "original" ideas, they are NOT original by no means.

The game Murfin Chase (Marapets) is in NO WAY a copy of Meerca Chase (Neopets) when Neopets themselves COPIED the concept from a game of the 70's called "Snake" from Atari. I played it myself many times with friends. Murfin Chase can be played with the mouse, your tail doesn't kill you, you move to higher levels, etc. Marapets server has improved as well now meeting demands for more members and it has now reached the 2 million member mark. Which in fact has usually no more than 3,000 members connected at one time which makes competition less fierce than in Neopets in which you have to compete with 20,000 to 50,000 playing at the same time, making it much harder to gain trophies, awards, or something as simple as buying a piece of clothing that your pet can wear. By the time you click to get it, someone else has already bought it.

Neopets can NOT sue Marapets because A: They are copiers too. B: If they were to sue Marapets, Powerpets and other sites that followed the same concept they have, they would MONOPOLIZE the market, which is a CRIME; if you are too ignorant to know what I mean then research it.

The "non-secret" Portal in Marapets is a lot like the Secret Laboratory but the loophole is in the fact that painted (yes, painted) pets in marapets are not necessarily considered "rare" or in higher rank than one who is of the 4 basic colors: RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW. Instead Marapets cares much more about STATUS, if you trained your marapet well, your Marapet can WORK and earn a living, yes he can earn an income for you in marapoints (something neopets doesn't have).

BTW Paint Brushes = Costumes Neopets have "costumes" too. Royal and Desert... but they still call them paintbrushes (which doesn't make sense because they ARE dressed). And yes a red costume will "paint" your Marapet red. But they had to use their own idea they couldn't name it paintbrushes too, that WOULD be stupid, don't you think?

My point is a Desert/Royal Neopet at level 1 is worth MORE than my Eyrie at level 18 who has superstrong status. If it were Marapets, my "eyrie" would be worth more that the royal/desert pet, if you want to be technical.

Neopets is driven into a commercial type of business nowadays more than a children oriented website. In that, Marapets is SO not like them. Nowadays sponsor games/activities RULE the site in Neopets. And Premium members have a big advantage over those who can't afford premium. They dont make it "fair" if you know what I mean. I had Premium and know exactly what I mean. In Marapets you pay for an "Upgrade" that will give you super rare items that you can sell for millions, they give you a trophy, it is a one-time payment AND the shop search will always give you the cheapest item, without need for an upgrade. Upgrades are totally optional in Marapets and cheaper than in Neopets.
I just finished the Undying Festival (Marapets) and the Altador Plot (Neopets) and the prizes for Marapets rained like crazy 125,000 whooping marapoints (overall), a 25,000MP rare minipet and a rare marapet (Daisy) for finishing it, plus 5000RP. I was expecting to get something close from the Altador Plot but for a whole way-more-complicated step by step game to solve; 5000 measly neopoints, a trophy, a sidebar, a couple of books.... Gosh, it took me a week to finish, they suck. I am so much happier in Marapets.
by Liliana Pubill September 08, 2007
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A virtual pet on Marapets. You can have up to 12 marapets, compared to 4 on Neopets or 4 on Powerpets without permits.
Change your Marapet's colour with costumes
by Ariom Nosmoht April 23, 2007
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A new, thriving community of users who were tired of the ridiculous rules, ad=clutter and spontaneous freezings occuring at neopets. It is a friendly, supportive community which helps new users. The object is much the same as other virtual pet sites, but this is a much more laid back site, with lots of exciting things planned for the future.
Want to play a virtual pet site which is growing quickly, and has friendly, helpful members? Give a try!
by Ex-neo-lover March 27, 2005
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It's a site which looks like a rip-off from Neopets, but is MUCH, MUCH better than Neo. It's a lot less crowded, with better graphics. You can have more pets, play more, chat more, earn more and enjoy more. It's not as strict as Neopets and has a team which really tends to take notice of users' complaints or whatever. It's good. I especially love cracking the eggs and getting good fonts!
Tired of Neopets? Try Marapets - it's much more funner!
by Akanksha May 20, 2008
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Marapets is a fun, virtual pets game that can be played by anyone! It is very fun though, it includes Clubs,pets(only can have up to twelve, but by a giftbox have up to 15!)Forums and Games and heaps more. If you are in love with neopets, you could of missed all the edvents on marapets
They've still got it on now! As start as a newbie, reach your way up maybe to a staff! The staffs are all very nice. There are moderators as well who help around the newbie/help assitant section to help around.
You can create your own characters, with buying cloths from mara shops in minipet island. Shoes are available as well! But in user shops they are usally expensiver but mara shops cheap!
Ianthe owner of Marapets is always helping around, fixing glitches(you will know what i mean if your on marapets)like problems, and stuff like that. Sometimes he hangs around chatting. Marapets is not strict but neopets, their a bit strict and banning my account for NO reason! Can you believe that?
Marapets are having alot of problems latley. But all the Staff and Moderators are up for help. Today lots of problems have been solved over a few years! Its has been fun on marapets!
Upgrades on marapets helps the site to improve more. I had lots of upgrades since i started! I agree that MARAPETS is WAY FUNNER than kinda boring neopets.
Neopets is a active site. I have been enjoying it since i was 5. Now i have found out marapets i enjoy it more than neopets. Neopets and marapets is very similar but marapets is way fun. First join neopets for a few months.( Now take a look at marapets.( To compared the calculations are done with MARAPETS the winner. Thats it. If your a neopet lover join marapets and you will see the difference.
Good luck with working up with marapets if your joining!:)
I took me 1 month to get used to marapets. Its a also a bit great way of learning education.

Neopets, fun but nothing i take serious or fun. I dont go on it anymore since my account got banned.
by Phoebe T March 25, 2008
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Marapets, where to begin....A popular virtual petsite, mainly because how horribly its run.
Lets start with staff
Overpowered, lazy, don't care. A few words to describe them. And seven active staff members to run over 2000 members a day. worthless. Forums aren't watched, and a rule is broken on every board. But they don't care. They ignore it, I've been told myself by a staff member "if to many forums get reported, we just delete them all lol"
Now originality.
Can you say neopets? Yeah, basically everything is based of neo because the retarded fag running the site has no imagination. Have you seen how many fairys there are? Screams neo. And the graphics, constantly changing style.
Pornographic, and nude adds are normal to see, not much else to say there.
I already said help from staff is not possible, so how about talking to the owner? Not gonna happen either. I sent an email two years ago and still haven't gotten an answer. He probably just ignores them. All he does is realease account upgrades and go on vacation with the money people spend on the site.
Speaking of Account Upgrades.
There all fairy, which is a rip off of neo. Anybody who buys one is immune to being banned or getting in trouble because you just helped the owner pay for his next vacation.
Things come out when they aren't even finished. And they always "glitch" that just means the lazy ass mother fucker running the site didn't finish coding it, but wants members to stick around so he half ass realeses it anyway. Things "promised" two years ago still haven't began. Buts thats because it doesn't earn him money so he doesn't care.
13 and under.
You supposedly have to be 13 and over to use communication, but kids well under 10 are always playing on the forums and talking to people. Exposing them to porno adds is going to get him a legal case.
I hope that bastard gets sued, and burns in hell.

The owner of marapets is the biggest waste of sperm and egg. The best part of him ran down his mother's leg!
Marapets is horrible
by MPetsplayer April 20, 2009
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