Marapets is truly a wanna-be of the wonderful, user-friendly Neopets. Having around 7 ads per page(!) Marapets.com is a hard game site to make your way around. The graphics of the Marpets games (compared to Neopets) are some of the worst I have ever seen! Some of the items/pets are even a tad bit disturbing.....take for instance that you are able to paint your pet Insideout or Zombie. The Yuni pet already looks gross to begin with. Well, I guess you can't expect much from a site that is run by a 17-year-old who needs and life, or maybe just a job. Neopets is all around the better place to play.
When playing Marapets I came across many things that no one likes to put up with, and things you don't have to put up with on Neopets!
by omg_inbd March 17, 2008
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A site copying a crappy site...I never knew you could actually get that low....
*snickering at marapets* What a gay site...
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts August 08, 2006
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A crappy game copying a crappy game. Basically it's like neo pets but way more disturbing...inside out skin is available yep really inside out. How can the gay 17 year old that runs the site possibly think that's ok!
Marapets user: omg! I got my Marapet a inside out costume!
Normal guy:get a life
by Epic guy January 27, 2013
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