Some gaaaay shit. Trust me, I played it for like a year. There goes a year I could have been learning the guitar or the violin or being out socializing and making friends! Guess not. Fuck that shit. If you find yourself addicted to that game; get a life outside your buddy list you fag.
Guy1: Yo guyz just had my first solo MM took like 5 sex with my new 7att glove, got it for 20mil.
Guy2: ..lololl u nub i been here since beta i still hav my beta hat on my scania so yeah bitch.
Guy3: ..You're both fags >_> Maplestory sucks my cock and you two suck nexon's cock.

by NoLngrWstngTmeOnMSlolNowImOnUD January 20, 2009
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Person with a Life: Do you have a life? >:O
Lifeless Person: Nope. :
Person with a Life: What do you do all day o_o
Lifeless Person: Maple Story :D ~FTW~
by golly, it's August 10, 2008
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MapleStory is an mmorpg that is extremely fun, yet truly addictive. (I myself couldn't stay away for 4 whole years.)

You create a cartoon chibi character and basically go around pwning small animals.

You start off at level 1. At level 8, you can become a magician. At level 10, you can become a warrior,theif,pirate,or archer. The newly-released Cygnus Knight class is a waste of time that crashes servers all the time.

The highest level is 200. Select few, the best of the best, have made it to 200. Most of them are Nx cash whores, which are people who spend REAL money on godly items to make their characters stronger and more rich.

I suggest playing it a few times, but be careful, or you won't be able to stop.
Let's go play MapleStory today!

Yeah, why not? We've been playing for 6 years!
by Xavijim July 29, 2009
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worse than drugs addictive game where you kill monsters, bosses get equips skills ect...
sins are teh ksz0rz

Bob:if its that addictive why do u play maplestory?
xxxaznnaruto1337xxx:because we can and its free
by tacobender January 30, 2008
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Really addictive Korean game.

It has jobs that are: Rogue, Bowman, Warrior and Magician.

There are FOUR job advancements: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (there are 3 job advancements in some MapleStory versions and 2 in the Europe version)

You can often find cheaters in this game.

omg ppl that guy is kseing meh!!111one report and mass defame!

i want to lvl plz i wan be maplestory pro
by MapleSt0ry October 24, 2007
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Is an MMORPG from Korea designed for 11 year old asian kids who have nothing better to do. The graphic sucks and so is the point of the game. This game is being popularized to rich white kids because most of them are spoiled brats who can buy 32 years worth of nx and waste $500 on some fat internet/game girlfriend. The point of the game is waste 15 hours to gain 10% of experience to gain a level you will have to buy 2x exp nx whore cards to be able to earn enough exp to lvl up. To get rich in the game you will have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to buy dumb scrolls that fail 99.9% of the time to make weapons stronger by 1 point. 90% of maple players are NX wh0res meaning

-they type like this:

zOMG aZnCha0x99drag0nNarutoSasukeANIMEvi3t did u liek see my friendz0rz he asked for some mesarz lul xD <3.

-they also wouldnt talk to you if you dont have nx.


-they wont help anyone

Newbie: Excuse me, how can I get to Henesys
Nx Wh0re: z0mg Darkn3ssSakuraNARUTOSASUKE0028163 this noob is talking to me.

The most idiotic BS of all is that you can get married in this game. i mean c'mon. Do i need to say anything about that? Kids are getting married in an online game to people they do not know.

This game is really addictive and dumb.
Spoiled NX WH0re in maplestory: Hey mom can I have $300? I need to buy my character Naruto773419204 a new pet.

No life kid: L> PQ EXPERIENCED @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

FAt no life kid looking for a gf in a game: Looking for gf must b lvl 50 with nx must be experienced@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Another fat no life kid: Hey HinaROSe(someanimename)-0.334342 wanna be my gf?

PRo: hey dude you want my account i found life and i wanna quit this game.
by ipwnyourdad April 01, 2008
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Maple Story is a 2D game which consists mainly of 13-year old boys who will never get laid and 50 year old perverted men who think is so awesome to call people "noobs" and "f@gs"(Maple Story doesn't allow fag to show up.) The game is retarded because the main objective of the game is to beat the living shit out of snails. WTF!!
Desperate Player:PAYING 200 MESOS FOR S EX!!
girliethief(who's really a guy):I'll give you s ex
Desperate Player:Ok

*trading scroll opens*

Desperate player:Ok give me s ex now plz

*girliethief runs


This is one example of desperate little shits in Maple Story
by Ihavenoballs123 December 12, 2009
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