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To enhance one's self or another's outward appearance in order to appear more attractive to the desired sex.
Once you finish leveling up you are going to get all the girls. Just watch.
by NoahAtlanta August 07, 2017
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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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Getting even with your friends in terms of the blood alcohol level.

After some hours of working overtime, you get to your friends on a party. They already had several drinks and thanks to their blood alcohol level, they're having a lot of fun, while you're still sober and therefore not in the same mood as them. To change that, you've got to level your own blood alcohol concentration up.
If people eventually stare at you because you drink a lot in a very short amount of time, you are allowed to excuse this by saying: "It's alright. I'm just leveling up right now."
by Boki Cristi October 12, 2014
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Doing something difficult to the point that everything in that same category becomes easy.
I thought that this song was difficult, but then I played this new one and now the old was is easy. I'm Leveling-Up
by Mr. HBD October 26, 2019
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