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Steaming pile of shit. Highly addictive. More so than heroine. It's literally torture. Unfortunately, all the "players" they talk of in their ad's are just depressed children (and some creepy ass adults) who can't get off the drug...
Depressed Kid- "Dad, go to the store and buy me some Nexon cash!"

Dad- "Well son, I've already spend 500 dollars on Nexon cash for you this month. Can't you go without it for a little while?

Depressed Kid- "Dad shut the fuck up or I'll beat your ass again! Now go to the store!"

Dad- "Son, it's just that...well...you seem to have been acting differently since you've been playing that game. You're locked in your room all day. You don't even use the bathroom anymore, you just have a bucket which you empty out the window onto our neighbors car. The family misses you at the dinner table...please...I want my son back....what have you done Maplestory?!?!"

Depressed Kid- "Ok bitch, I fucking warned you" *beats Dad's ass and steals credit card* "Haha now I can have all the Nexon Cash I ever need...God I hate my life..."
by triplexgrandma July 03, 2011

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