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1) there are many things in this room
by LINE February 15, 2003
greater then 5
that guy is many stoopids
by pooner January 07, 2004
Not many, quat, sometimes none or lats.
I like you many times.

I've many done my Textbook Steve outers.
by Boys March 19, 2005
A lot of something or just ... 'a lot'.
Yoda: Young Skywalker, for defining the word thanks "Many" For me. It means a lot. Hmmmmmm.
by Joshdadestroyer February 10, 2018
A 'many', can be anything which will eventually or will soon be positive. A 'many' is used in connection with another word(adj) for example 'booze', 'munch', 'chat', 'sex/shag/bone'. This word is often used when its users are drunk/or are trying to be cool. This often leads to the opposite effect which is highly undesirable
Boy: "Am hungry"
Girl: "mm, mee too :( "
Boy: "want to go for something to eat, marcans?"
Girl: "aye, i would like some chips,"
Boy: "fine munch"
Girl: "Many!"
by Oprah182 March 25, 2008