An antique or collectible that appeals mainly to men, such as old fishing rods & lures, pin-up calendars, tools, toy cars, etc.
man + antique = mantique
When that antique dealer from Chicago stopped at our antique mall on his way home from Brimfield, he stocked up on mantiques for his shop.
by AntiqueMall May 2, 2009
a mantique is an older man who is still extremely attractive. Another version would be the grantique, who is an extremely old man, who is still cute.
Liam Neeson is an excellent example of a mantique.
by Dr. Phalange September 21, 2009
A niche of the antique industry that caters specifically to men, with merchandise such as railroad, firefighting, and shaving memorabilia, old pin-ups, knives, weapons, GI Joes, toy guns, and cars. A play on words, combining man and antique.
Several vendors at the Loleta antique show offer nothing but mantiques.
by Downstrike October 8, 2005
Super manly man antique items that would not suit ill in any type of accommodation. Mostly found in man caves, bachelor pads or any room that is designated as 'lost' in the eyes of the (possible) wife/cohabiting partner. Mantiques can appear in the form of globe bars, a knight's suit of armor, old stuff made from leather, old typewriters/camera's (preferably cased in leather), a bronze bull, a military lantern/or bell and dead trophy animals in any form or shape.
Sir 1: "You Sir, have an excellent taste in mantiques! Jolly good."
Sir 2: "Thank you lad, let's drink some whisky and smoke a cigar. Let me get my smoking jacket."
by Mr_Moustache February 18, 2013
This is when a young woman goes to art exhibits, auctions and cosmopolitan areas where she can expect to find wealthy older men. She, however, does not settle for just anyone, and is regularly seen browsing for men. This is slightly more classy than a gold-digger, as a gold digger often looks only for money, while a mantiquer looks for connections and "old money." A mantiquer has hopes of one day becoming a trophy wife.
Eww-did you see her flirting with that man-he must be twenty years older than her! She is such a gold digger!

No silly! She is just mantiquing. She is flirting with several older men. Besides, he had on a velvet dinner jacket with an ascot, he is definitely a mantique!
by nattie09 May 3, 2010
the sexual act of slapping another person in the face with a handful of semen.
I mantiqued my girlfriend last night when she didn't swallow.

Sara got mantiqued after passing out at an orgy.
by AndyB123 November 1, 2010
A Gay Man that increases in worth as he matures. Similar to 'Antique' but with an 'M'... Variations of the definition specify attraction as the increase of worth, some say wealth, and some say 'they just get better with age (perge!!)'
Some may say:
'Elton John is a Mantique'
by Shane of Newcastle November 25, 2005