The antics that ensue when manpanions are together
1. I left you alone for 5 minutes and the mantics have started.

2. Everytime Phil goes out with his manpanion, the mantics ensue.

3. When they start showing their asses, you know the mantics have started.
by Sick of Johnnys October 8, 2007
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Old men, over the age of any kind of logical use to society who insist on being in control. Usually insistent on being correct, and totally narcissistic in behavior. Often times asking someone's opinion on an issue, but quickly belittling them and criticizing the opinion as stupid or ridiculous right before they tell you the correct way. Never listens or considers anyone else but himself.

You can not win when up against old mantics (old man antics)
You know every single time he comes into the room we know we will be bombarded with "i told you so's", or "you should have's" - he's always up to Old Mantics
by DW's July 11, 2016
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Clarinet-Mantic means Clarinet Romantic. You like band kids but prefer Clarinet players because of there funny attitude and they always think your perfect.
Look at him, Im such a clarinet-mantic.
by im altosaxual May 13, 2022
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A romantic night without a man. Ladies night out, and/or lesbians together. Specifically eliminates any and all men from the activity.
Lisa and Sue went out for a mantic night on the town.
by sweetgy June 18, 2009
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a comedy where two men share their love for each other in a totally non-gay way.
Hey, have you seen 'Superbad'?" It's the best bro-mantic comedy ever.
by dr_roxxo September 29, 2010
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