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Possibly, mankind's most finest invention. "Cooking without fire!" It is also this Urban Dictionary Contributor's opinion that the Microwave Oven is the implied 2001 A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick "Ape Tool" that will eventually define our demise. It represents all that is good and all that is bad. This rectangular box's start button, in analogy, is the nuclear death of all mankind or the provider of sustenance for the millions in need. In spoken word we toy with its implied, "Age of Destruction" capabilities. See 'Nuke This' in the Urban Dictionary

The next time you heat up a ham and cheese sandwich in this "box without fire," you should remember one fact. There will come a time when someone wants your hot and toasty ham and cheese sandwich..., which button will we have pushed?
Same as the Charles Nobel Peace Prize, the inventor of the Microwave Oven could be the founder of the next like charitable institution.
by gravy111 November 18, 2010
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There are many written variations defining the term "Bitch Slap," and for the most part they stand correct, --- for this world of Hip Hop culture. However, this form of issued embarrassment actually comes from a French method of instilled belittlement without the use of barbarism. The slap upon the face with kid leather gloves would suffice as getting the message across.

All of the above are pussy-fied ghetto and barrio ways to use the Bitch Slap..., they only use it amongst their own! See below for true usage:

The French Canadians are said to have taught the North American native Indian nations this social behavior. They had not, -- these North American indigenous peoples are the original true users of a "Bitch Slap." With the recently borrowed French word "Coup," they had "Counted coup" upon their enemy for hundred of years before hip-hop culture or Cypress Hill acting Chicanos ever had. See Urban Dictionary definition of the term "Counting coup."
Said the Idealist leader of an upstart gang, "Get my coup stick, I'm gonna walk into Compton and give every Crypt I see a bitch slap!"
by gravy111 November 28, 2010
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This was the original musically synchronized acrobat performance ghetto act,- time and time replaced in the streets of Harlem; with each and every retiring member - penniless! Sadly, only very few people now hear the distant struck metal garbage-can resonate with rhythm and tone throughout an empty far-off back alley.

They were the stepping-stones used to launch the careers of the now made famous and world renowned, "Blue Man Group."
The Black Man Group is proof that, "What happens in Harlem, Stays in Harlem!"

The Black Man Group is proof that people really will work for food!
by gravy111 November 15, 2010
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A self-mocking quip in answer to a questioning of the quality of your home when in compare to those at the annual Parade of Homes venue. Also demonstrative of the will and resistance to refrain from burning down a row of garishly displayed high-fallutin' mansions.

A phrase derived from the winning entry of the "Parade of Homes for the Down and Out." This is a custom built street person abode. The eclectic Hobo's answer to 'splendid living' and keeping up with 'Hobo Jones' affluent.

A mocking quip directed to you and your kind in gesture as to what you can afford in public housing. Addendum: Such directed quip would also convince one to burn down a row of garishly displayed high-fallutin' mansions.
Said one Hermit Crab to the other: Hey Gatsby, I see your Livable Sardine Can won this year's first prize in the Parade of Homes on Cannery Row contest!

My entry into this years Parade of Homes is The Livable Sardine Can.
by gravy111 November 15, 2010
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A phenomena of human anti-social behavior shown by crack cocaine addicts. Subconsciously, the addict purposely alienates their person from everyone else by the act of self-mutilation. While alone and under the influence, the person does this by looking into the mirror and picking at his/her face until bleeding occurs.

This type of behavior can be likened to the capture and traumatic displacing of a South American Scarlet Macaw. This is now an in country parrot that plucks its feathers out for seemingly no apparent reason at all.

However, stress and detachment, same as the need to be alone with their addicting drugs causes both the addict and bird a horrific disfigurement.
The doctor says to the crack-head, "Young lady, I'm going to suggest that you seek mental treatment; this is the worst case of Feather Plucker Syndrome I have ever seen!"

"There is only one thing worse in this world than a now reformed bible-toting whore: The fact that she used-to-be an opium addicted feather plucker as well!" Gravy111
by gravy111 November 19, 2010
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In the billion-dollar a year Adoption business, it is of no surprise that ethical standard and adoption fraud in industry run rampant throughout. This term is of singular reference to the growing number of cash-laden prospective adoptive parents who will sacrifice moral turpitude in exchange for a "Hear no Evil, See no Evil and do no Evil" legal approach to infant adoption. The State of New Jersey is the first of fifty to implement revised statute to allow adoption agencies to cease and desist with certain long held lawfully mandated practices. N.J.S.A. 9: 3-39 1 b, c

Since an infant is not a commodity, and for a person to self blindfold their own witnessing eyes to such treatment of child, it is this Urban Dictionary contributor's felt moral duty to aptly separate the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It is now of published recognition that the new term, "Baby-Glommer' befits all who fall under its definition.

This definition is bias, yet, dead on balls accurate in allegory law allowances. I welcome all defined refutes.
Adoption is for the need of child, not of the Baby-Glommer!
by gravy111 November 18, 2010
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This is term applies by the same rule of thumb as "Feather Plucker Syndrome" found in this same Urban Dictionary. There is one major difference... This 'Feather Plucker' is a mommy!
Get out of that smoke-filled bathroom with that baby, you mother feather plucker syndrome actin' bitch!
by gravy111 November 19, 2010
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