Mansome is essentially handsome with a few differences. The preferred referred is expected to be unshaven and their hair unkempt. The rest of them however is very fit and attractive to the female. It is used especially in conversation when physical sexual attraction (and not much else) is implied.
Did you see Joey after he got out of prison ? I could do him in a heartbeat, he was so mansome !"
by dw8177 July 25, 2016
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A word used to describe an appreciation for another man's looks or manliness without implying sexual desire.
Guy One: Man, Sean Connery is totally mansome.
Guy Two: Totally, I'd let him kick my ass any day.
by DieLawn September 12, 2007
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Adjective describing a manly and handsome guy.
Girl One: Charlie is handsome, isn't he?
Girl Two: I would even say: He's mansome!
by FrenchBrie September 25, 2011
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adj. Describing anything as being manly and awesome, simultaneously.
The movie "The Terminator" is mansome.
Clint Eastwood? Totally freakin mansome.
by Gunter45 September 06, 2007
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It's the definition of a manly man, that is handsome and awesome in every way...
You have totally surprised me with your mansomeness. I am so astounded with your mansomeness.
by Dexidus February 14, 2013
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an abbreviation of "man, I'd like to get me some" that generally refers to a particularly handsome man who inspires your lust.
I'm also not sure if James Darling is a "cutie". I think the word you are searching for is "Mansome."
That's not a word.
It is now! And you're pretty mansome too, August.
by Requiemory July 09, 2015
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