Insanely comfortable surfing shorts that go past your knees.
Hot Girl: "Guys with manpris are the hottest by far"
by Patrick Irish March 7, 2008
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1: Dude that guy's wearing manpris! I haven't seen that since 1998!
2: Indeed
by Helmut February 9, 2004
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the "manpri" is a rendition of the "capri" pants, but worn by metro sexual and eurotrash males. The "manpri" is usually, but not always paired with the "mank" a man tank. Please look up "mank".
Did you see that guy in his gays ass manpri's!
by unju August 7, 2006
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when a male wears pants that hug tight, and resemble the womens form of pants called capri's.
yo dude those manpri's are extra tight! im trying to get me a pair of them manpri's.

kid cudi wears manpri's and so does wiz.
by jezzbian August 16, 2011
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Incredibly comfy pants worn by men that are a combination of shorts and pants that typically go down a few inches past the knee, but a few inches above the ankle. Pop culture tends to associate them with gay jokes or white trash remarks, but those people are all near-minded and ignorrant. Whats gayer? Wearing manpris or actually caring enough about the type of clothes that someone wears to the point where you become the fashion police and make fun of them? The choice is yours, haters.
Jim gets a lot of jokes for wearing his manpris to work.
by Sotsp September 25, 2010
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Gay slang. Men's pants cropped between ankle and mid-calf, after capri pants, or "capris"
He looks ridiculous in those manpris.
by Capton Fashion October 15, 2004
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Last night I went to go see Justin Timberlake's concert and I saw a metrosexual wearing manpries and a wife beater.
by Slinn June 30, 2004
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