The term "Bandi" has a variety of meanings.

1. A male slut who plays girls like board games.
2. A complete douchebag who can't even complete high school.
3. A guy with a small dick.
4. An overall imbecilic, cocky, idiot who should take a look in the mirror and realize he's ugly as fuck.
Ex. 1 -- Girl 1: Nick was flirting with me the other night!
Girl 2: Don't bother girl, He's a Bandi! He's so dumb.. and a dick so small, you can't even feel it.

Ex. 2 -- Guy 1: Did you see that cocky motha effa walkin by?
Guy 2: Yeah don't worry, that's Bandi. No girls want THAT ugly piece of shit.
by Brandiiee January 21, 2012
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When someone throws ups (aussie slang).... Mate!
Dude i don't feel good i think i might bandi

Ahaha he just bandied all over your bed!
by Breno1987Aus December 26, 2009
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1) A guy who is really attractive
2) A guy who is well hung
3) Someone who knows what the ladies like
4) A nerdy guy who resembles Brad Pitt with glasses.
Guy 1: "Man I wish I was a Bandi. I'm not really that confident about my looks."
by Dabomb2184 May 7, 2016
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A guy that you met on the internet for a joke, but it's not a joke anymore.
An artist who should be prouder for being himself.

A person that the more you get to know, the more you want to know about.

A weirdo who likes e.g. watching buildings from close, instead of watching the whole landscape.

A guy whose reactions for some things are so incredibly awkward but you still like him.

A guy with whom you hope to do many more e.g. 20.000-step hikes.
He's such a Bandi.
by alma123 February 2, 2021
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A winter hockey game, played with a red ball on an ice rink the size of a football pitch and with many rules similar to association football. It was developed in England in the 19th Century and is especially popular in Russia, Sweden and Finland, where it is played professionally. The Federation of International Bandy is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. The name of the game comes from the bent bandy stick.
Bandy is the football of winter, also called 'winter football'.
by EliasG March 27, 2015
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A team sport played on ice. It's like ice hockey but faster and played with a ball and on a rink the size of a football pitch. The rules are like association football with 11 man teams.
The swiftness of hockey and the showmanship of soccer, makes bandy!
by EliasG March 28, 2018
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