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an epidemic where a citizen plays no key role in the economic or social contrasts of our world, such as closing oneself in a dark box, or having too much in hand hence having no time for volunteer work, or any participation in a community, in turn, this leads to the person literally turning into a mannequin; a subtle, crippled figure immune to the active world around it.
Georgia needs to start volunteering at the Shelter; her job is swallowing her.

Mannequinism is the actual predator.
by Ffeilisha December 16, 2005
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a spate of people whose bodies are unhealthily under-weight for one's own benefit
Stop mannequinism from spreading to our posterity.
by Feilisha May 14, 2005
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An epidemic of those who are ENTIRELY too skinny for their own good!
by Brooke April 26, 2005
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