When one has the will-power and the positive/negative mental attitude so strong that they unknowingly Manifest their own Destiny; when someone concentrates/focuses on a thought so intensely that the thought has manifested into reality

Not to be confused with its Homonym, Manifest Destiny
Guy 1: "Man i was just hoping a cop wouldnt drive by right now and not even 2 minutes later Two Cop cars roll up my block"
Guy 2: "Manifest Destiny, my friend, dont focus on the neg in life"


"Ive been telling my self all day things are gonna change for the better, and i literaly just won the lotto, now thats what i call Manifest Destiny"
by FBK420 May 16, 2016
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"Manifest Destiny" was the social theory in the USA in the 19th century which claimed that the USA and its white, Christian citizens were chosen by God. Because of this "choosing" they were entitled to any land they pleased, despite who already owned it (not limited to Native Americans; also including other countries), with the purpose being that they spread their religion of Christianity and their concept of "civilization" to the other, "inferior", people of the world.
"Manifest Destinty, another "great" idea straight out of the U.S. like Mc.Donalds and Freedom Fries George W. Bush is attempting to bring it back"
by the ides of march October 6, 2003
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My right to take whatever i want whenever i want because god has given me the right to do so
Guy1: hey man im gonna take your beer and call it manifest destiny

Guy2: dude super weak
by skyluurr February 5, 2009
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The triumphant result achieved when one's beard hair connects with his chest hair. Only a few can achieve such greatness. May be shortened to "manifest."
My girlfriend left me because of my manifest destiny, but it was worth it.

That bitch just checked out my manifest. Bitches love the manifest.
by Manifest Destined June 15, 2011
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When young White people move in to an Inner City nabe, and Blacks move out because they can no longer afford to live there.
Check out Bed-Stuy Brooklyn before it's too late. Hipsters in, Colored people out. It's manifest destiny.
by noseyrosy April 6, 2019
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to get your dick sucked
to get sucked off
to get some head
to get some dome
to have your dick licked
(She will manifest my destiney tonight)
Tonight i will recieve some Manifest Destiny.
by martin nelly February 12, 2007
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A half-baked thoery that the USA could do as the fuck it liked. In practise, it got land and the begginings of an empire by paying for it before it started a revolution against the European powers that owned it. When the USA did try and annex Canada, a small number of the British army and a few thousand Canadians beat off the United States, leaving ti with the option of the treaty of Ghent, which didn't give them any land concessions (as opposed to the British-Canadian forces, which never intended to make any, so handed back all taken land without grudge) nor did it make either side any richer. As a courtesy, the Royal navy ended impressing.

When the united states wanted to start an empire, it went after a weakened spanish empire, which was on the brink of freeing itself. When the USA again attempted imperialism in south america, it was having a little trouble with fallen power Spain, so decided to pay $20,000,000 to buy a few POS nations that would have revolted in a few years anyway. Wow, isn't that clever? Obviously, these places have since gained independance. Quite possibly the worst empire ever...
Manifest destiny was retarded. Why didn't the US try conquering outer space instead?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 2, 2004
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