A male feminist. A man who is overly concerned with women's issues to the point of complacency or contempt for those of his own gender.
"Don't ask Joe for advice about your divorce. That guy's just a total mangina."
by KPman September 25, 2009
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when you tuck your dick between your thighs to create a flat, barbie doll-like surface with pubes.
travis: look at my mangina!
brooke: what the fuck.
by bigboy992 May 11, 2021
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Pussy whipped male. Named due to the taking on of feminine tendencies rather than masculine ones. Caused by extreme need to seek approval from females to the point of eradicating his own self and becoming a servant eunuch. Is a man, but may as well have a vagina.

A few mangina's wearing pink were in attendance at the women's day rally.
by Happy Bullet July 18, 2006
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A male lackey of the feminist hate movement (Usually called a 'male feminist'), who views women as superior to men and always bows down to and agrees with women in an attempt to curry favour, especially his abusive, man-hating wife who will screw him over in the divorce court, ruin his life and reputation, whelp a child that isn't his and sting him for money for said child. In short, a man-slave. Almost all married men these days are manginas, and so are a slightly less number of single men.
'Oprah's just a show for women and manginas, man!'
by Kiyana Va Sala March 19, 2006
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1. A man totally controlled by a woman

2. A weak willed man

3. The partner that takes it in the anus in a male homosexual relationship

4. A male prostitute, gay or straight
1. That mangina would never disobey his wife.

2. That magjina just will not stand up for himself.

3. Jim's mangina, John, wants to get married.

4. Joe is a mangina, he has to turn tricks to keep his place.
by Yogi-Donnie January 22, 2008
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when a guy pulls his dick and balls back between his legs (forming a basket of fruit behind him) and then putting his legs together to simulate the look of a vagina
That's one hairy mangina.
by Jake E. Pants July 14, 2002
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Justin Trudeau is the worlds biggest mangina. He is a proud feminist who cant complete a sentence without thanking his wife for being responsible for all his accomplishments. He is proud to raise his girls as feminists who will surely become blue haired lesbians that will attack the patriarchy with vengeance. A horrifying incident occurred to Justin when is master gave birth to a boy who will no doubt become a cisgender white male rapist of the patriarchy, like all white men. But Justin is sure he will turn out to be an even better feminist than him, and oppress woman at a lower level than even Justin himself. However he remains realistic that he will never be able to raise his son to never oppress woman at some level due to inherent white male privilege even if he becomes a bigger mangina than Justin himself.
Did you see Justin Trudeau's 5 point plan to turn Canada into the first Islamofeminst state where woman will be totally free from oppression under sharia law?

Yeah, apparently he is at stage 3 already! I cant wait until Islamofeminism finally gets rid of Canada's rape culture so woman can truly be liberated!

If only every man would be as much as mangina as Justin the world would be saved from toxic masculinity!
by Mr Wednesday. February 14, 2017
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