The anus of a human male used in homosexual relations.
As a twink you will take cock in your mouth and mangina.
by Bill Feeney March 30, 2008
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Mangina is the word used to descibe a male punk/bitch's asshole in prison. Sometimes, if the punk is a good piece of ass he will receive a reach around while getting his mangina caulked
The prison punk worked his mangina so well he got a reach around as a thank-you for the caulking he received.
by slicksal October 19, 2006
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referring to the butt hole and comparing to a vagina.
Gay men like to "get it" in the mangina.
by mnkyfk August 12, 2008
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A region of a man's body that somehow gathers sand much akin to a woman's pussy.
Awww... what's the matter Jeff? Too busy building sand-castles with your mangina?
by Matteaus April 17, 2007
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Another word for someone's asshole. It can be male or female, but was coined for use in the gay community. (Or, at least around here.)
"Clay shoved his penis into Stewart's dirty mangina."
by Hefe Weisen February 19, 2005
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I thought something was up when I saw his seaweed hair and pink tutu. Then he started talking about his mangina, and things went downhill fast.
by d mite November 3, 2007
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A word often considered camp, silly or derogatory, referring to a real and usually functional vagina found as part of a man's body. A shortened form of "man-vagina" (The root word "man" is fused with the word vagina to signify the unique or unusual relationship between a man and a vagina, in much the same way as "man" is used in the term "manpurse".).
"No, he's not a woman, he just has a mangina"

by Malachey January 22, 2007
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