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A dancing maniac usually seen in business attire on the dance floor. May also be heard screaming out loud or orbiting blonde women while dancing.
The guy at Gaslight on Wednesdays must be Mandar.
by meatpacker March 26, 2008
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The internal workings of a man which enable him to navigate from his inate sense of direction and without the aid of maps
Women: "Do you know where we are going, honey"

Man: "Don't fret your pretty little head, I have my mandar switched on".
by Jamsa June 23, 2009
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A radar built into every male that reacts to hot female presence.
Mandar's can be detected by other males in a fashion similar to sonar, where the men give off the vibe of a hot female in the area, causing others to all bring there attention to the female.
A Failed Mandar:
"Dude! Did you see that hot piece of booty walk by?!"
"No bro, my Mandar didn't go off!"


The other day I was driving and almost crashed when my Mandar went off.
by Captain BBL March 12, 2011
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the innate ability of a gay or bisexual male to immediately locate a good looking guy in a room within seconds of his arrival.
John's mandar is too sensitive. The second a guy walks in the door he's already by his side.
by Pandaliciousness April 20, 2011
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