1.A man who acts like a boy.
2.A man who looks like a young boy.
Dude, do you always have to be so damn obnoxious? You're such a manboy!
Damnit, I get carded everywhere I go, Must be because I look like such a manboy.
by Peter Combs August 18, 2006
Manboy is a man that acts like a boy. This behavior is reinforced by popular culture.
Like a sixteen-year-old, Manboy can’t be trusted with the simplest of domestic tasks, such as cleaning up after himself. Manboy is often seen checking out other women in front of his girlfriend or wife.

www.manboys.wordpress.com is a blog about manboys for more examples.
by bmaryg November 14, 2007
A male whom has come of age to be considered by a female to be unable fulfill her expectations on her clock with regard to marriage, children and other responsibilities. A manboy is the result of women chasing their "dreams" through so called "self empowerment" behaviours like screwing around and climbing the so called corporate ladder in her 20's and then only in her thirties wondering where all the "men" have gone to. Manboys were the men she dated in her twenties but dumped for her meaningful career and personal "empowerments". Manboy is a smart and enlightened man who relises that he does not have to fulfill anyone expectations because they demand that they do. He is free to grow and adapt to changes as they present themselves to him.
Female: where have all the men gone too?? they are totally unable to fulfill my needs and all the men these days are not responsive and mature in understanding my needs.
Manboy: Hi sally... didn't we meet like 10 years ago?... remember the times we had?... we could have been together more....

female: Well i was busy with stuff.....
by Politically incorrect guy. August 3, 2013
Usually a male close to or over the age of 40. Often with an excess amount of money, enabling him to buy boy like toys. Prone to getting excited at video games, remote controlled cars, and at the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Did you see those manboys knocking over those kids at the game store when Call of Duty was released?
by JackBlackJr November 10, 2009
A young man, usually a stranger, who is very attractive and has a friendly personality. Differentiated from other "manboy" definitions by the capitalized M and B.
Wow, that's a good-looking ManBoy!
I went to a show last week and I met a ManBoy there.
by chocolate_cheerios October 28, 2007
Stinky little man who loves to do stinky things. Very, very small. Older than you, yet looks very much younger. Also see ManDick
ManBoy is so stinky that his room now has absorbed his stink and stinks nearly as bad.
by Roger Perdactor March 26, 2004
A kid usually around the age of 8 who already is getting attention from all the girls. Puts the other boys to shame. A kid that makes you say Damn he's winning
Micheals brother was a ManBoy winning when he hosted his 9th birthday and 80 percent of the guest were females
by C302929 January 18, 2022