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a very large penis. a combination of the two words "man" and "anacanda" which is the longest snake in the world.
Alex's "manaconda" was so big, she needed to use both hands to pleasure him.
by murkle September 03, 2005
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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-"Last night my man fucked me deep with his manaconda"
-"Lucky! I wish my man had a manaconda!"
by whipit good October 21, 2007
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An abnormally large and fat penis. Sometimes known for choking people to death.
Dude, she can't hang with my manaconda, it will choke her to death.
by Hostile Sausage June 29, 2009
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A hell dwelling human/ snake hybrid. This demonic creature has a anaconda like torso and head. He has difficulty getting pants on his human legs and feet due to the lack of arms and hands. He spends his days getting drunk and working a low salary office gig. The really is no discernible reason for Manaconda's existence.
Jafar: "You're acting just like a Manaconda, Smeefster!"
by Jafar & Smeef August 31, 2015
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This name was originally used by Tyra Banks when referring to America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Winner, Keith Carlos. A manaconda is a man with a very large penis. It is a combination of the word Man and Anaconda the world's largest known snake.
Damn he's a manaconda!
How do you know?
We hooked up last night!
by StreetQueen989 November 09, 2015
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What a real man packs in his shorts. A penis of at least 9 inches in length that strikes fear in the eyes of baby harp seals.
My date slipped me roofies and fucked me with his manaconda, I will never walk normally again
by Skanky Blonde December 29, 2004
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