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The chest hair of a man; often thick and dark.
Some ladies viewed Tony's man salad as an Italian delicacy.
by Kizzle99 February 25, 2009
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1. A male person who contains definite traits of a man, or holds a large bulk object in his pants. Most masculine Adjective possible to be used while complimenting fellow friends who are males!
2. A well respected male containing great honor or dignity through certain actions.
"Paul...your my mansalad..."
by Casiriah Kenjo May 23, 2007
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A salad fit for a man, usually containing large amounts of meat
This man salad has my three favorite meats: Pepperoni, Sausage, and Ham.
by Backwoodz January 31, 2007
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A tasty dish of testosterone-induced items, often including nails, broken glass, scorpions, and razor blades. Special seasonings include hydrochloric acid, wolf blood, and beer.
When I get home from the construction site, I always prepare myself a light snack; a man-salad.

Hey man, watcha ordering? Double Tripler Burger-master?
Naah man, I'm being healthy and having a man-salad!
by Polursine October 03, 2010
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multiple types of dipping tobacco mixed together into one super dip
Person 1: hey dude what kinds of dip is in that man salad?

Person 2: i got some skoal cherry,citrus, grizzly wg, mint, and some copenhagen straight.
by x_Big_Dipper_x October 03, 2011
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