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The areola of a woman's breast. The area surrounding the nipple.
She had fat nipples surrounded by pepperoni.
by kenz November 25, 2003
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An Italian Quebecker. See pepper, but add an IROC-Z and slicked-back hair and supposed connections to the Hells
That pepperoni nearly ran me over with his camaro while I was crossing Ste Catherine. I guess he was listening to that "Olé,Olé,Olé" song too loud...
by jdaa September 30, 2004
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a drug, heroin. buying a pizza with pepperoni really means buying heroin.
i want my pizza with some pepperoni.
by kate October 24, 2004
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Usually a girl with nipples that are literally the size of pepperoni's.
" I fucked Jessica last night and it was nasty...she had pepperoni's.
by TheThirstyThots February 25, 2015
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A multitude of pepperoni, more than one pepperoni.
Yo dawg, if I take my pizza outside I'll be droppin' pepperonis all over the ground.

Dawg your trippin'

Yo fresh I just dropped pepperonis on the dudes car, I told you so.
by J-rome March 29, 2006
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