The areola of a woman's breast. The area surrounding the nipple.
She had fat nipples surrounded by pepperoni.
by kenz November 26, 2003
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An Italian Quebecker. See pepper, but add an IROC-Z and slicked-back hair and supposed connections to the Hells
That pepperoni nearly ran me over with his camaro while I was crossing Ste Catherine. I guess he was listening to that "Olé,Olé,Olé" song too loud...
by jdaa September 30, 2004
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The best thing ever to happen to anything ever pepperonis sometimes fight back when you put them on pizza they win every time because they are strong
by Pepperoniiiiiii April 19, 2021
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A pizza topping that wants you to stop calling it sexy.
Person 1: I'm eating a pepperoni pizza!
Person 2: What a sexy pizza!
by tiky May 20, 2021
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The pairing of Iron Mans Tony Stark and Pepper Pots, forming the name Pepperony. Pepper & Tony.
like "BradJolina"
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When a woman has huge areolas IE pepperoni sized areolas
by Lop Sotnas March 31, 2008
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