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Similar to Charlie Sheen's tiger blood, but different. For instance, instead of winning, you are DOMINATING. You are the lone wolf, always on the prowl. Nothing will stop you. You are INVINCIBLE. Nothing can bring you down, NOTHING. No bitches, no assholes, no corrupt systems meant to screw you over or even religious deities can stop you. You are wolfish in almost any way because of it. You can be very hairy in different ways, seem wolfish in behavior and mannerisms, and even howl at the moon because of it. Though you're not a werewolf, you are a badass monster that is not to be fucked with.
Charlie Sheen has tiger blood, I have motherfucking WOLF BLOOD!

I got wolf blood, bitch!

What makes me awesome? WOLF BLOOD!
by American Werewolf April 22, 2013
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