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1. n. The totally kickass sergeant from Halo and Halo 2 who literally can't be killed. A sergeant in the United Nations Space Command. Played by voice actor David Sculley. He is most commonly known as Sergeant Johnson.
"Dear Humanity: We regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret the corps. just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!" - Sergeant Avery Johnson.
by BenjaminBunny March 30, 2005
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Head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. Avery Johnson led the Mavericks to the NBA Finals in his first season in charge.
Former NBA Champion with the San Antonio Spurs.
Damn I can't stand the Mavericks, but Avery Johnson is one skilled head coach.
by Blazin Hazen August 05, 2006
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