A gentleman's reproductive trouser apparatus; see 'custard cannon'.
Her flange was so loose she barely felt his man sausage.
by StreetSpirit October 16, 2005
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the gay mans term for a wiener
Like OMG I touched his man sausage last night. lemme tell you...it was HUGGGEEE
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A whopper of a cock derived from the Italaian " Spicy Italian-a Man Sausage-a"
Holy crap look at his spicy italian man sausage! I thought it was a third leg with an absence of foot, shoe, and pantleg!
by Bradley Anderson April 19, 2005
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A man that has a penis that can reach up to his neck.
Girl1: was he good?

Girl2: yeah he was a sausage man.
by Hg200547 January 18, 2018
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It’s when you have sex with a girl raw !
A.K.A Sausage Man.

-Creator Rich Music Cartel
by Rich Music Cartel June 25, 2020
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