A place where castrated men hang out after being banished by their wives. Usually relegated to an out-of-the-way basement, while women take control of the main areas of the home. Said castrated "men" feel the need to add "man" to the word "cave" to otherwise impose masculinity when they clearly have none. For real men, the entire house is theirs, and there's no reason to add "man" to anything because it's implied that men own everything.
Denise banished Tom to the basement where he pissed and moaned with his friends about their wives. Out of spite, they dubbed their basement the "man cave" to feel in control of something.
by Mjalc July 24, 2009
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A room a man has claimed as his own personal space. He goes here to be alone, leaving the entire responsibility of watching the children, cleaning and cooking, etc., to the female of the house. She never needs a woman cave or a break because she is a woman. Only the man needs this special break and space as he is the one who is most pitiful. He blames much of this on the woman, and must hide away in mutiny that she dare expect anything of him.
His wife asked him to help watch the children so he retreated to his man cave, thereby giving the entire responsibility to her while he took a break.
by moondrop September 03, 2017
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The act of putting ones head in a womens vigina immediately after women have given birth. (Head must pass the labia majora) a.k.a mancaving
Yo dude. Want to go mancave at the hospital?
by spladunker February 11, 2013
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A place where Fags get together to repeat what they heard on sportscenter. And avoid their usually somewhat attractive wife in the the living room watching stupid reality shows like jersey shore. If I had a man cave I would seriously reconsider what I define as being a family man, and if you are already single now you know why.
by beonrealak October 05, 2010
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An inside joke among all males. A large vagina. The possessor is usually unaware of how loose she really is. She makes comments about how tight it is & how it'll be the best sex you'll ever have. This usually results in the male having teeth impressions or bruising of the lower lip from clamping down & trying to keep from laughing out loud or smiling.
Joe: Did you bang Wilma last night? Was she a wild ride?

Lee: Dude it was horrible. She has a man cave. I almost fell in. I came but it was not very good, then bailed when she fell asleep. That was such a mistake. Now I understand how a kid's head can pop outta that shit.
by Ehud Avni May 18, 2010
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slang. Refers to the anus of a gay or straight man.
Hey Phil, come here and let me put this in your man cave!
by louis February 21, 2005
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