A description of the loud house music Josh Alb plays in the hallway. It started as a saying people say while he passes by or when someone mentions his name but since developed into to a gang and now even a religion complete with a book of his ideals.
Jeff: Hey look over there! it's Jiggity Jiggity Josh!

Zach: Mamo Mamo mamickity moof mow
by Jward9 October 22, 2013
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It is an utterly bad insult to recieve. It is a similiar phrase to "your mom or you're such a tool." It means "massive mom." If you happen to recieve such a horrible insult please get over it as soon as possible.
You're such a idiot. You freaking mamo. I can't believe you're such a mamo.
by Kathy Trans July 06, 2005
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In reference to the ball one has hit which has travelled at least 450 feet with out touching the ground. This dinger may in fact reach orbit, touch the heavens, or may never come down to the ground at all. Synonyms: furthest ball you have ever seen hit, a bomb, dinger, and laser show (being the plural variant of mamo).
Baseball guyer1: Woah. That ball's gone.

Baseball guyer2: Ya. That's a freakin mamo jack.

Ken: Golly-gee that ball may never come down!
Baseball guyer2: Shut up, Ken.
by dat_guyer May 14, 2017
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