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When someone is dealin, that individual is exhibiting the traits of an ace on the bump and is proceeding to miss bats and or break them. Synonyms: dicin, shovin, throwin ched.
Baseball Guyer1: Wow another 3 up and 3 down inning there.

Baseball Guyer2: Ya. He's dealin.
by dat_guyer May 11, 2017
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When you show up to an event and start the event without any effort being taken to warm up.
NewGuy: Hey want to warm up for the game, ol' chap?
Dirtbag1: No can do, amigo. This team has a strict policy on show and go. No warm-up. Ever.
Dirtbag2: Money.
by dat_guyer May 11, 2017
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In reference to the ball one has hit which has travelled at least 450 feet with out touching the ground. This dinger may in fact reach orbit, touch the heavens, or may never come down to the ground at all. Synonyms: furthest ball you have ever seen hit, a bomb, dinger, and laser show (being the plural variant of mamo).
Baseball guyer1: Woah. That ball's gone.

Baseball guyer2: Ya. That's a freakin mamo jack.

Ken: Golly-gee that ball may never come down!
Baseball guyer2: Shut up, Ken.
by dat_guyer May 11, 2017
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